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Achhe Din works in World Cup, team batting during Day in D/N matches found winning

27, Mar 2015 By dasu

New Delhi. It’s no more a secret that when major cricket playing nations clashed in this year’s world cup, whoever batted first during day time in day & night encounters, won the match by handsome margin. Indian fans got the taste of this bitter pill after their team crashed out of the tournament as they were not given the chance to bat first.

Initially all the captains were not ready to accept this concept called “achhe din”. As the tournament progressed, captains observed team batting first is able to score in excess of three hundred, sometimes four hundred plus, whereas team batting under flood light struggled to make a match out of it, often losing the match by wide margins.

As per science, sun is considered as the ultimate source of energy, however no one knew sun light can help to this extent in improving batting performance like the way this world cup has shown.

BJP was hesitant to take the credit though they came up with this already patented tag line “Achhe Din”. After Congress started claiming that India had won two world cups during its regime, there were no options left before BJP. They started saying, how a pioneering concept like Achhe Din is proving right.

Their spokesperson showed everyday one letter to the press from the pool of letters Modiji received from winning captains. The captains have told the reason is pretty simple, after winning toss they opted to bat first to take advantage of “din (day)”.

For cricketing nations, they are finally here.
For cricketing nations, they are finally here.

Though Congress is not ready to give credit to BJP, Bharatiya Janata Party has got support from their bête noire Arvind Kejriwal.

As AAP government is struggling to provide enough free power to Delhi households, they are running advertisements highlighting the importance of day time, ie: how one can “do” everything in day time to save electricity.

The captains who lost the toss and have to bat under flood light complained about this to ICC. As per our reliable sources, ICC has formed a three member committee under Ravi Shastri to do a study on this.

When our Faking News reporter met cricket expert Harsha Bhogle to know more about this, he told us, “there are exceptions like New Zealand’s successful chase in first semifinal under flood light. I agree South Africa missed few chances towards end otherwise they would have won. Still you cannot say sun is the only factor in this cricket world cup. Much more deeper study is needed before we conclude something like this.” He feels Ravi will be able to do a good job under this new assignment.

ICC is worried about the teams that have qualified for the final. ICC does not want a repeat of the league match that New Zealand and Australia played during this cricket world cup. Both of them tried to finish the match before flood light was on. Australia played 30 overs, New Zealand finished in 20 overs. Last thing ICC wants a similar fate for the final as sponsors have threatened if something like this happens they will ask for a fifty percent refund.

Another major headache is for the IPL organizers. The IPL season is going to start. If the teams are not ready to play the matches in the night and they have to re-organize everything during day time, who will come to the ground to watch the match in this scorching heat.

To solve all these problems ICC messiah Mr Srinivasan has written a letter to Modiji to add “Ache Raat” to “Ache Din” tag. He told our reporter like BCCI meetings, IPL parties which happens late in to night, he will schedule all the ICC meetings in late evenings to showcase “good” decisions can be taken when sun is not around.