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After brilliant performance in CLT20 Ajinkya Rahane eyes opener slot in CSK

10, Oct 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Jaipur: RR opener and CLT20’s golden bat winner Ajinkya Rahane feels that he has done enough in CLT20 and IPL6 to finally get noticed by the national CSK selectors.

Hope CSK selectors notice him.
Hope CSK selectors notice him.

According to his close friends he has not yet completely given up the dream of playing for India. “Rahane has just taken a strategic timeout. He plans to impress national selectors by playing 1-2 seasons for CSK. After that getting Test nod would be easy,” explained a Gambhir grim looking friend of Rahane.

While wondering who gave this crazy idea to Rahane, sources revealed that Nirmal Baba allegedly told Rahane “Blue color ki jeresy pehnte ho? Tabhi to kripa ruk rahi hai. Yellow color ki jersey pehno, Kripa aani shuru ho jayegi.”

In a heart to heart conversation, Rahane told Shaitaan Khopdi™ , “I was always doing well in Ranji, but somehow things were not moving. Being a Dravid fan I planned to build my career by first getting into India’s Test squad and then make my transition into ODI and if needed T20. But looks like things work a little differently here. Ravindra Jadeja is a fine example. Jadeja also started with Royals. Back then we used to make fun of him. Here I was hitting centuries after centuries in domestic where nobody gives a damn while  Jadeja made one smart move of getting into CSK and rest as they say, is history.”

“Whole world saw Jadeja climbing the ladder of success after that. He went on to play T20, ODI’s and Test for India. He is now called Sir Ravindra Jadeja. Similarly Murali Vijay, Jadeja, Raina etc can’t play a short ball to save their lives; still they got to play more test than I got. Even rookie bowler like Mohit Sharma got to play for India ‘A’ recently. CSK players do get to play for India eventually,” he added.

Ravi Shastri was quick to comment on this development, “I think he has done the right here. This is just what doctor ordered. Now his career will go like a tracer bullet. All 3 results are possible. He can get to play Test/ODI/T20 for India now.”

But isn’t it insane decision, Shaitaan Khopdi™ asked Rahane. “Well, after Rahul Bhai left cricket and N Srinivasan joined back, there is little hope of sanity in BCCI.  I have done lot of slogging in domestic. For me slog overs are done now; it’s time to enjoy Power play. The way things were happening I felt that even Michael Hussy and Dwayne Bravo had better chance of playing Test for India than me,” explained a starry eyed Rahane.