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After Dhoni retires from test cricket, Rohit Sharma declares retirement from domestic cricket

06, Jan 2015 By dasu

Sydney. Taking inspiration from MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma today decided to retire from domestic cricket to focus on his international career. Rohit felt that it was high time he should focus on selected forms of cricket and quit others.

Initially he felt he could manage all the workload, and would be able to consistently score ducks in all forms of cricket. But after failing disastrously by scoring 264 against Sri Lanka few weeks ago, he started having serious doubts about his form.

When our Faking News reporter asked about this sudden announcement, he said, “This is not a knee-jerk reaction. I was thinking about it for long, just did not have the courage to do so considering players like Raina are able to handle bouncers nowadays and they could challenge my place in the team.”

He will be opposition that is.
He will be remembered.

He claimed that now with captain cool showing the way, many more might follow him. He also felt there is not much left for him to achieve in domestic cricket.

When Rohit spoke to Ravi Shastri, he supported his decision as he has done all along. Both Ravi and Ian Chappel reminded him about his talent they saw when he went to Australia first time 7 years back. Many still feel the 29 runs he scored in his first match in Australia is the best they have seen in a long long time.

Taking this Faking News reporter into confidence, Rohit gave glimpses of things that Ravi might bring in future. Ravi wants to maintain the average age of the side around 25 years. If needed, he will force seniors to retire and replace them with juniors.

Sources say he is doing this on the lines many successful IT companies in India, who layoff experienced people and replace them with freshers. Ravi doesn’t want to let go the phrase he uses after every Indian defeat; “this is a young team and give them 2 years they will be world beaters”.

Ravi has already discussed this with top brass of BCCI and selectors. He has suggested that once selectors notice somebody has ‘talent’, there is no need for him to prove that day in and day out by playing domestic cricket. This is why Rohit has been allowed to retire from domestic cricket.

However, BCCI is a little worried that all the fast bowlers might follow Dhoni or Rohit and retire from test cricket or domestic cricket to reduce their workload. They fear Ishant Sharma could come up with a partial retirement plan any time now.

Sources confirm to Faking News that Ishant is working on a partial retirement plan where he will go off field after the rival team scores more than 300 runs. This will help him to prolong his bowling career and as well help India restrict the opponent to less than 600 runs.

Reportedly, BCCI is in talks with ICC to allow such partial retirement in the middle of a test match.

But experts say that this could open Pandora’s Box, with players like Ashwin, who have difficulty while fielding in the outfield, demanding partial retirement from standing in the outfield, and Kohli taking partial retirement as soon as Anushka enters the stadium.