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After dropping Kohli to No. 4, Dhoni now wants talienders to open to add more solidity to lower-order batting

30, Jan 2015 By indianpsycho

Perth. If reports from Indian dressing room are to be believed, Dhoni is not going to just stop at dropping Virat Kohli to no 4 position in batting order.

In order to bring more stability and solidity to lower-order batting, Dhoni is soon going to unleash his next card of opening the ODI batting with tailenders.

He is confident that not only this move will take the opposition by surprise, but will also add much needed weight to the batting in lower order.

Dhoni motivating Ishant
Dhoni motivating Ishant “Beta tumse ho paayega

“Our middle and lower order lacks depth, especially 10th and 11th position. I think these positions need more experienced batsmen,” Dhoni explained.

“And as you know I always reserve the best for the last when I am batting, I thought why not implement the same in the batting order as well,” he argued.

According to Dhoni, it was only after everybody criticized his move of pushin down to Kohli to no 4 position in ODIs, that he decided to once again get him back to his original No 3 position in today’s game against England.

“And well of course, the results are there for all of you to see. He failed at No 3 today with just 8 runs to his credit. So I would much rather have him fail at No 4 position than No 3, you see,” Dhoni pointed.

Right after Dhoni let the team know his thoughts in dressing room, Faking News saw both Mohammad Shami and Ishant Sharma hitting nets with renewed vigor and bating gear in tow.

“I just wish it was me myself bowling to me in the nets. It would have got me going immediately,” said Ishant as Rahane bowled to him.

Meanwhile with Shikhar Dhawan already displaying the batting form of a tailender, Dhoni may just have to shift one tailender to open with Dhawan.

“Also once Rohit returns from injury, tailenders can then go back to their original position,” Dhoni said assuring tailenders that they wouldn’t be bothered much.