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After getting match shifted to Kolkata, PCB sends latest list of demands to ICC

10, Mar 2016 By BullDozer

Lahore: Less than 24 hours after the International Cricket Council agreed to shift the 19 March World T20 encounter between India and Pakistan to Eden Gardens in Kolkata from the HPCA Ground in Dharamsala, the Pakistan Cricket Board sent across a list of 10 demands to the world cricket body.

Afridi asking when will BCCI accept their demands

Faking News is in possession of the list sent by the office of PCB chairman Shahryar Khan and it has some interesting demands:

1) Pakistan must start its innings with 20 runs already on the board.

2) When the opposition starts its innings, two of its batsmen — to be decided by the Pakistan captain on the day — must be declared out.

3) Mohammad Amir may bowl eight overs in the innings.

4) If a Pakistani batsman is dismissed, the ball is to be discounted as a ‘trial ball’ and as per Section 14(d) of the Gully Cricket Regulations of 1967, the ‘Ek aur chance‘ provision is to be invoked.

5) A catch will be considered to have been by Pakistani fielders if the ball bounces once and is caught one-handed, under the ‘One tip, one hand‘ clause highlighted in Section 11(b) of the Gully Cricket Regulations of 1967.

6) The DRS system might not be in operation during this tournament, but Pakistan will receive five reviews per match. For every correct referral, the team is to be awarded five runs.

7) Depending on the Pakistani team’s level of fatigue — considering all that travel to Kolkata, boundary ropes are to be brought in as per the Pakistani captain’s discretion.

8) Opposition fielders and bowlers may not appeal for wickets. This sort of provocation disrupts the peace process.

9) Mauka Mauka‘ is to be henceforth completely outlawed at the venue and on television and the internet.

10) The phrase M**** F***** is also to be completely outlawed. No Pakistani players may ever be called M**** F****** or accused of indulging in M**** F*****.

When asked about the list, a PCB official, on condition of anonymity, said, “Yes, we have sent it to the ICC, and copies to the BCCI and Government of India. If you see the situation as of now, we can’t go ahead unless these requests are met. We have waited enough through cancelled tours and all sorts of humiliation.”

Representatives from the ICC, BCCI and Indian government confirmed having received the 10-point-list, but declined to comment on it.

According to the PCB official, the Government of India must take the lead and approve the ‘requests’ as a gesture of goodwill. “Let them say it first. I don’t want to jump the gun. The only thing I can expect as of today is that the Government of India gives permission and the ICC and BCCI follow suit,” he said.

And what if they all decline? “Then we’ll take our bats and go home,” said the official.

This correspondent temporarily considered pointing out that the team was already at home and had yet to leave for India, but thought better of it.