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After Rohit Sharma debacle, BCCI asks selectors to stop looking for 'talent' in domestic players

04, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. After failing in their repeated attempts to extract some performance out of Rohit Sharma, BCCI today strictly instructed Indian selectors to stop looking for “talent” in any upcoming promising player.

While the search for the selector who spotted Rohit’s talent is still on, BCCI has clearly asked current selectors to let talented players fail play in domestic tournaments only.

Ab toh Ishant bhi chal gaya,” is how Dhoni is reported to have taunted Rohit while giving him a place in the playing eleven for the third test in the ongoing England tour. However, this couldn’t deter Rohit, who could maintain his impeccable consistency of not scoring runs, silencing his critics supporters for the umpteenth time.

Raising his bat after scoring 1.
Raising his bat after scoring 1.

If insiders are to be believed, the powers to be in the BCCI realized the gravity of the situation after the otherwise demure coach of Indian team, Duncan Fletcher, also ran out of patience and took some precious time out of his busy relaxing schedule to speak to them.

“He called us for the first time yesterday. I mean, that is the second time I have ever heard him utter anything, last time when he said thank you while accepting his yearly payment cheque few months back,” a BCCI official disclosed on conditions of anonymity how Duncan pleaded with them to not impose another Rohit on the team.

Later that day, BCCI also got a call from ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) who informed them of their failure to unearth any hidden talent inside Rohit even after 5 months. That is when BCCI decided that they can’t risk losing whatever little credibility was left of theirs in the eyes of Indian cricket fans.

Though it is still unconfirmed as to how many more years will Rohit get to prove his talent, the Indian team management and especifically captain MS Dhoni was buoyed by this development.

“This at least confirms that this is the last Rohit we have to deal with, and you know I’m good at dealing with things that come in the last stages,” Dhoni said, giving fresh hopes about the “talent”.