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Alexa in Rishabh Pant's hotel room starts chanting 'Dhoni' repeatedly, cricketer complains to BCCI

09, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Rishabh Pant has been struggling on the field lately and it seems the cricketer isn’t having a peaceful time in the comfort of his room as well.

rishabh alexa

Amazon Alexa placed in the cricketers room started chanting ‘Dhoni’ repeatedly them moment Rishabh entered the room after yesterday’s match.

Sources say it took some effort from the wicketkeeper to turn off the deice and get Alexa to shut up.

A livid Rishabh complained to BCCI and in a strongly worded Whatsapp message hinted at mischief by unknown persons.

Senior BCCI officials have taken cognizance of the incident and and an enquiry will be done into the alleged mischief.

“There has certainly been a mischief by someone. Probably as Dhoni fan from among the hotel staff who have access to the players room. We are looking into this and the guilty will be taken to task,” revealed a BCCI official.

The management is also is talks with Amazon officials to find a fix to the problem.

A member from the playing 11 revealed that Rishabh is mentally stressed by the incident. The wicket keeper also had a long discussion with the coach and captain.

Kohli spent some time with the device seen gesturing at the Alexa device to stop the chants. He even thretened the device with dire consequences if it didn’t mend its ways.

Commentator Sanjay Manjrekar too offered his services to fix Alexa and called the chanting ‘a technical glitch’.

While speaking to Faking News Sanjay said, “Rishabh need not worry about the chants. Whatever this Alexa thing is, it can be fixed for sure. I know all about gadgets because once I changed the batteries of my table clock.”