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Along with fielding and bowling coach, BCCI invites applications for specialist tattoo coach for team India

07, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

While seeking applications for fielding and bowling coach, BCCI is also considering having a specialist tattoo artist who can double up as a coach. The decision was taken at meeting of top officials of the apex body in Mumbai yesterday.

Sources say that the inclusion of tattoo coach has been a long standing demand of many players including captain Virat Kohli. This demand met with some resistance from BCCI officials. But it seems this time around they have given in.

Speaking on the issue a Senior BCCI Official said, “A decade ago players were not so active on social media. Players today are conscious of their persona so we have agreed to their demand. The coach will be responsible for suggesting new tattoo designs and getting them inked on the players before ever tour.”

The official was tight lipped when asked if any prospective candidate had expressed interest in taking up the job. There were also rumors that if eligible candidates were not found for the job, Ravi Shastri wouold double up as a tattoo coach.

Team India welcomed the move. Players like KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya were seen gearing up for net-practice with tattoo coach.

Not everyone was happy though, Sourav Ganguly while questioning the need for a coach, said, “This move could be catastrophic. Players could lose focus. It would be a bad influence on youngsters. I believe Hardik and Rahul are already getting allowance for tattoo and hairstyle. I urge the BCCI to reconsider.”

Commentator and ex-cricketer Virender Sehwag too offered his two-cents.

Ye tattoo sab kya hai. Sasti wali mehendi lagwa lo. Woh isse jyada better dikhegi. Tattoo body pe nahi chehre pe dikhte hai. When I used to open the batting with Sachin paaji and we used to whack the bowlers out of the ground. You should have seen the expression of shock tattooed on the bowler’s face,” Sehwag guffawed.