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We had already implemented 10% quota for poor players by including Rahul: Ravi Shastri

09, Jan 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Sydney: Union Cabinet passed the proposal to introduce a 10% quota for economically weaker sections to expected mixed reaction from supporters and opponents. However, the decision found surprising support from the Indian cricket coach Ravi Shastri who said that they were already following such a formula and is happy that government has decided to follow suit.


The triumphant Indian coach speaking after the series win over Australia said, “It is good to know that we are the trendsetters once again. Now we can look at any Indian team from the past and tell them, boss, we have set a trend, you set some trends too but we also did! We always had KL Rahul in the team despite his poor form because we believed 10% of the places should go to poor players. Now the government has decided to extend this scheme to all sectors and that is good to see.”

“It is a weight off my shoulders to be honest. For the past 12 months we were continuously asked why do we keep on selecting him and finally I can talk about the truth. We kept saying it is because of his potential or his batting or we don’t like Mayank’s face but now we can clearly say that it was because we felt we had a social obligation to include some poor players with the good ones, to give them opportunities as well”, Mr. Shastri added.

When asked if Rohit Sharma was in the Test team under a similar quota, Shastri replied, “No, not at all, is under Mumbai quota.”

The team manager refused to confirm how many drinks Mr. Shastri had enjoyed before giving this statement.