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Angry with Indian teams performance, father beats up kids on Father's Day

19, Jun 2017 By @jurnoleast

Upset with the teams loss at the finals of Champions Trophy, Mumbai resident Ravindra Chaudhary beat up his kids after they insisted on celebrating Father’s Day. Ravindra, who had just returned after half days work on saturday, was looking forward to watching India beat Pakistan in the finals.

But his upbeat mood was soon dealt a blow after the team started losing wickets at quick succession. And Pandya’s run out was the last nail in the coffin.

Speaking to Faking News, Ravindra’s wife said, “The kids had planned a surprise party for their dad. As soon as he entered they presented him a greeting card and a cake to celebrate the occasion. But then he glanced at the TV screen and saw Pandya being run out. Ravindra couldn’t control himself and slapped our son. My daughter was too scared and she quickly hid in the bedroom. Before I could protest, he slapped me too.”

It’s not just the family which had to bear the brunt of Ravindra’s foul mood, the watchman, milkman and the security guard too were slapped or manhandled. However the TV screen was spared from being smashed in a fit of rage.

Family members and close friends tried their best to firefight the situation. “I tried my best to calm him down by speaking about India beating Pak in hockey semi-final. But that didn’t help as he was totally clueless about any game other than cricket,” said a close friend.

Colleagues in office too had a similar story to tell. “He clearly had hangover of yesterday’s match. He just walked into the managers cabin picked up a fight,” narrated a shocked co-worker.

City based well renowned Psychiatrist Bejan Chakhnawala said that there has been a surge in number of people reporting to his clinic after the match. Most of them victims of the teams performance in the match.