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Anil Vij takes credit for Sakshi Malik's success, announces plan to discourage athletes from other countries to win more medals

18, Aug 2016 By @jurnoleast

Rio: Haryana minister Anil Vij, who is on a visit to Rio to ‘encourage athletes from Haryana’, took credit for Sakshi Malik’s win with a bizarre explanation.

Every Indian athlete will get a medal from now, thanks to him
Every Indian athlete will get a medal from now, thanks to him

The minister while speaking to Faking News said, “I agree that I have not been able motivate Haryana athletes as I’d like to. I should have come here earlier. Things would have been different if there wouldn’t have been this brouhaha in the media over my visit.”

When questioned about taking undue credit for Sakshi Malik’s victory when he admitted to not doing enough for the athletes, he said, “I have not encouraged them, but I have definitely discouraged their competitors. How do you explain a 0-5 deficit to 8-5 victory?” he questioned.

Mr. Vij declined to reveal his strategy for ‘discouraging’ athletes from other countries till the Olympics events were over. “If I tell you how I do it, it may jeopardize our chance of winning a medal. People only know how to blame politicians but still I will do my bit for the country,” he said with a patriotic undertone.

Sources close to the Haryana minister say that Japanese pole vault athlete Hiroki Ogita, who knocked off the bar with his penis, was also a victim of Mr. Vij’s distraction strategy.

It is not yet clear as to why Mr. Vij would distract competitor when no Indian athlete was participating in pole vault.

Officials from the organizing committee are discreetly investigating a complaint by the Japanese contingent about a racy video that was sent to Hiroki Ogita on Watsapp an hour before the event, which led to the erection and subsequent disqualification.

“It seems someone from the Indian camp shared the video. We are still looking into the matter,” said an official.

If the Haryana Ministers claims are to be believed, the country could see on of its athletes winning Gold in the next few days.

“No athlete will go empty handed from now. This was the purpose of my visit. It will be a fitting reply to all those news anchors who barked at my decision to come to Rio,” he said while watching a women’s beach volley ball game.