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Anushka Sharma undergoes training after she is blamed yet again for Virat Kohlis's poor performance

29, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. After being blamed yet again for Virat Kohli’s failure with the bat, Anushka Sharma has decided to take matter into her own hands and would soon undergo rigorous training to make sure beau Virat comes back to form.

Anushka took this decision after she was continued to be criticized for Virat’s duck in the second ODI against England, despite her leaving Virat’s company and returning to India.

Initially Anushka failed to realize how she could be more responsible for something that Virat was failing in.

Virat dancing with Anushka, floored by her love for him.
Virat dancing with Anushka, floored by her love for him.

Later she just gave up understanding it as it seemed more complex than understanding logic behind taking up films like Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Patiala House.

“Lately there have been so many attacks on me that now even I have begun to believe that my lack of batting skills and knowledge about the game could be in some way responsible for Virat’s poor showing.. on the field that is,” Anushka told Faking News, “I hope at least now my critics would shut up!”

Anushka is now on a lookout for an experienced batting coach and will also spend considerable time in the National Cricket Academy, in her home city Bangalore, where out of form and discarded Indian players are known to take asylum and hone their skills.

She will further undertake rigorous net practice on the eve of every ODI. She is also expected to make the technical and mental adjustments in her batting that experts have advised Virat to make.

BCCI has welcomed this move and asked other girlfriends to follow suit.

“Perfect! If these girlfriends start having this sort of realization, that means they have already begun to think and feel pain of their partner as wives, and once that has happened we have  absolutely no problems in them staying with players even if they aren’t legally a wife yet,” Rajiv Shukla explained how BCCI viewed the entire situation.

Meanwhile Rohit Sharma too was contemplating dating a girl, so that he too has someone to blame his perennial batting failures on. But he later dropped the plan after Dhoni asked him who was blaming him anyway.