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Army deployed in the country to control potential riots between Kohli and Tendulkar fans over best Indian batsman tag

16, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: As Virat Kohli hit yet another century in a successful run chase, the debate over the best Indian batsman has started raging again. It is standard practice to compare every batsman in the age group of 10 to 40 to Tendulkar and same comparison was made every time Kohli scored a 100. However, with Kohli now hitting more hundreds in successful run chases than Tendulkar, his fans have made the claim that he is actually even better than Tendulkar.

Kohli Tendulkar
So, who is better?

This tall claim hasn’t gone unnoticed by Tendulkar fans and they have pulled out several stats to show that Kohli has miles to go before being compared to the little master. With Cricinfo’s statsguru crashing and tensions mounting, Center government has decided that they can’t wait for a flare up and have deployed the army across the country to keep things calm.

“We know how passionate cricket fans are in this country and that passion can spill over any time. We have monitored this Sachin-Kohli fan battle for the past couple of years and can sense that the situation is becoming very tense. We have to be proactive in such circumstances and therefore, we have requested help from the Army to maintain peace in the country”, a senior Home Ministry official said.

“This is just a temporary measure and will be there only during the ongoing India-England series since the debate is more heated over the best ODI player. Once test matches with Australia start, we can ask Army to leave. These days nobody goes to watch test matches, who will bother to fight with anyone over best test batsman”, the official added.

Meanwhile, PM Narendra Modi has personally called up Mamata Banerjee to inform her about the reason for army deployment and has assured her that no coup is being planned in the Republic of West Bengal.