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Arun Jaietly likely to be given the additional charge of coaching the Indian Cricket team: sources

21, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Anil Kumble is not the first Indian cricket team coach to be dumped unceremoniously. Nor will he be the last, unless BCCI comes up with a worthwhile process in selecting, grooming and replacing coaches. But whatever may the issue be, currently Indian team requires a coach and who better than the one and only, Mr Arun Jaietly who has a great record in taking up additional charges. Sources have confirmed the rumor and even the BCCI top brass is mulling the option.


Arun Jaietly currently heads the Finance ministry with additional charges of Defence ministry and also Corporate Affairs ministry. At the time of government formation, Jaietly only had the charge of the Finance ministry, but subsequent transfers or re structuring in the cabinet has allowed him to take up additional charges.

In fact whenever Modi cabinet feels that some department is not functioning well, it gives its reins in the hands of Arun Jaietly. Even when a birthday party of any BJP leader has to be celebrated, Jaietly is the one who is given the additional charge for the arrangements. Right from building consensus on GST to cracking good Defence deals, Jaietly is known to wear many hats and that too with great performance.

Our Faking news reporter spoke to Amit Shah and he had this to say, ” Yes, why not! Jaietly ji can surely become the cricket coach of India. No other minister in India has watched as many matches in their office as Mr. Arun Jaietly, so I wont be surprised if the BCCI selects him as the next coach. Arun ji will bring a sense of responsibility among the players. He will also explain them about th eimpact of GST on their pay packages and other financial stuff they carry out on daily basis.”

Arun Jaietly has also started spending some time in photography to make himself big enough to fill Anil Kumble’s shoes.