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Ashok Dinda mistakenly breaks Dahi Handi of his society while bowling in a gully cricket match

16, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. The honorable Supreme Court’s order that Dahi Handi pyramid will have height restriction of 20 feet, proved costly for the medium pace bowler Ashok Dinda when he  mistakenly broke the Dahi Handi of his society while bowling in a gully cricket match.

Ashok Dinda is famous for the massive jumps and leaps he take while delivering a ball. He has always been at top position during his bowling career, his normal bowling style is Right arm over the wicket, 2ndfloor pavilion end.

Dahi Handi last came in news when the Supreme Court in 2016 put the restriction on the height of Dahi Handi pyramid seeing the casualties happened due to it. However Supreme Court’s order was challenged by a Mumbai based Krida Mandal. Since, the courts and citizens are not sure whether it’s a ritual or a sport no decision has been taken yet.   

Ashok Dinda, an Indian cricketer, and usually a part of the bottom most teams of IPL table, got into a trouble while playing cricket in his society. Though it was gully cricket match, but Dinda being a professional cricket was all serious and started bowling in his own style. While taking run up, he jumped and accidentally touched the Dahi Handi of the society. Second time he did it with much more strength and not just touched the Dahi Handi but broke it unknowingly. Society president filed an FIR against Ashok Dinda later.It’s not the first time when Ashok Dinda has achieved something accidentally. Once trying to skip a pothole in Mumbai, Ashok Dinda jumped higher than usual and made the world record beating the then existing 2.45 m record.  

Whether Dahi Handi is a ritual or a sport is yet to be decided but the Supreme Court’s order to restrict the height of pyramid to 20 feet is for the safety of the participants and should be looked above the religion.