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Ashwin should not be allowed to review under DRS: Lodha panel recommendation

22, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: After recommending the batting order for the 3rd test match against England, Supreme Court appointed Lodha panel has come up with yet another recommendation. The panel has submitted a report after the 2nd test match against the tourists in which it has recommended that off spinner Ravichandran Ashwin should not be allowed to use DRS (Decision Review System).

No, you can’t appeal against it Ashwin

Under DRS, Each team may make no more than two unsuccessful review requests per 80 overs. After every 80 overs, the number of reviews available becomes 2 again. India resisted this system for long before agreeing to use it in the series against England. Now Lodha panel believes they are not using it well and Ashwin must be stopped from using reviews for the benefit of Cricket in India.

“The panel has to look at every aspect of Indian cricket so that they can recommend the improvements accordingly. Now DRS has become a very important part of modern cricket and India will be using it as well going forward. Therefore, it becomes very important that Indian players utilize it well else we will fall behind other countries in the rankings”, a SC source said explaining the need for a look at how India uses DRS.

“Yous aw the previous test match and how Ashwin used DRS. When Jadeja was not out, he didn’t tell him to take a review, and then he wasted 2 reviews while bowling and 1 while batting. This is sheer wastage of resources and he must be stopped before it starts hurting India in the long run. He is an excellent bowler and very good batsman but that is where his responsibilities must end. He should not be allowed to use a review while batting and captain must refuse all his requests for using a review while bowling. That has been recommended by the panel to the Supreme Court”, our source added.

As per some insiders, Lodha panel is also thinking about recommending a shave for all Indian players.