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Ashwin promises to henceforth write an email as a warning to the non-striker before removing the bails  

26, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

In an effort to quell the furore over his ‘mankading’, R Ashwin has promised to write an email as a warning to the non-striker before removing the bails. The move comes after the Kings XI captain face a barrage of crticism over his action which many termed as ‘not in the spirit of the game’.


While speaking to media-persons earlier today, Ashwin said, “I know that my action has polarized the cricketing fraternity. Though I believe that whatever I have done is as per rules laid down by ICC. But clearly such criticism affects my game and hence I have taken the decision to issue a warning to the non-striker if a similar situation arises in future.”

“Before removing the bails I will send a mail from my gmail id to the non-striker, while marking marking a copy to the BCCI and ICC. I think that should suffice as a warning. Safe to assume that I can remove the bails if the non-striker is out of the crease,” he added.

Fans and team mates welcomed the move and said that it was a mature decision and should set a precedent. “It’s not rare to find a non-striker out of his crease. The issue has been debated in the past too. But kudos to Ashwin to actually come up with a mature solution.

Not many were ready to give a clean chit to Ashwin. Shane Warne, who tweeted his criticism about yesterdays event, wasn’t pleased with Ashwin’s email offer. “For me he is still the villain. And this email thing is just like rubbing salt on out wounds. What if the server is down. Why not just go ahead with bowling and pretend as if nothing happened,” said Warne, who is now planning to re-enter IPL as Rajasthan Royals captain post the incident.