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Have asked KL Rahul’s to match at least India’s GDP growth rate: Shastri

06, Sep 2019 By dasu

Jamaica: Ravi Shastri has a benchmark for every player. However, looking at the way KL Rahul has performed in recent times, many accuse Shastri being partial to ‘openers’ like Rahul because he heavily uses opener to open beer bottles.

ravi shastri

While talking to press before boarding a flight to India, Shastri said, “You go and ask Rahul, what I have said. I have told him, only standing next to Kohli and Anushka in every photo is not going to help in retaining place in the eleven”. 

“You must perform. A country like India which is rapidly progressing towards becoming 5 trillion economy in the next 4 years, you can’t average more than 5 (our excellent GDP growth rate), then you do not deserve a place in the playing eleven,” added Shastri.

Shastri said when he did not think twice about dropping his favorite Rohit Sharma whom he considered as the next best to Don Bradman. “yeh Rahul kya cheez hai re”, he told a reporter sitting in front of him.

“I am sad because he had the same coffee along with Hardik in Karan Johar’s show. Pata Nahin, uss show ke baat Hardik is running like 440 volts current, Rahul has become a zero-power bulb”, told Shastri. “Agar Paanch ke neeche score kiya toh usko India B team mein bhej dunga”, told Shastri.

But Rahul is not leaving any stone unturned to be in the playing eleven for SA test series coming up next month by liking all the posts of Anushka, Virat and their distant cousins also. 

“IPL mein char mahine chala gaya hai, that’s why people have forgotten Rahul’s skills. Just six more months, Sabko dikhne ko milega Rahul ka Jalwa”, told a close friend of Rahul.