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Australia fully prepared to blame the pitches during their Indian tour: Steve Smith

07, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Dubai: Australian team is currently practicing hard in Dubai prior to their tour of India later this month. This special camp is being held to prepare the young Australian team for the Indian pitches and it seems to be going very well. Sounding confident, skipper Steve Smith has said that their team is fully prepared to blame the pitches for the upcoming defeat.

Steve Smith
They are coming!

“We are prepared for everything that India can potentially throw at us. Of course we are fully equipped to blame the pitches if they offer even the slightest bit of turn, that is a natural talent that most of the guys possess. In addition, we are also prepared to blame the track if it turns out to be a batting paradise and after a lot of work during training, we have also prepared ourselves for blaming pitches that aid fast bowling”, Smith said while watching his team practicing in the nets.

Explaining further, he said ,”Well we are going there thinking we will get square turners so if they throw a fast pitch at us, obviously we won’t be mentally prepared for that. Therefore, it will be logical to blame the pitch when we lose on a fast track.”

When asked if they will credit the pitch in case they won, Smith said ,”Oh please. If we win, it will be a victory of our hard work, perseverance, teamwork, and skills. Where does the pitch come into the equation?”