Australian board sends young players to Bihar school to learn how to not get caught while cheating

23, Apr 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

There’s little point to continue to rake over the entrails of cricket’s ball-tampering saga — tragedy is probably a better word. Cricket Australia is right now counting the costs in millions that the tampering affair is costing it in lost sponsorships and a massively reduced rights deal. Also, it has made sure that such incidents won’t happen in the future. The decision to send all the young players to the Indian state of Bihar to learn from the schools how to cheat without getting caught.  Australian board has made it compulsory for all the young players to visit a Bihar school once before making his first-class debut.


In a big cheating scam exposed one year back, Students had mnemonics on hands and short answers on clipboards. Memory prompts hid under watches and in socks and undergarments. While scraps of paper filled up sacks every evening, some students even took answer-sheets home so that they could write in free time, and deposit them when convenient. Teachers would themselves write answers on the blackboard to make things easy. It was all cleaned up when “flying squads” came calling, with prior intimation of course. And everything was done so precisely that it continued for almost 30-40 years without any authority ever questioning them. This is what the Australian board wants to make a common phenomenon in the Australian cricket circle.

After the completion of the Bihar phase of the training, all young players of the team will have to give an exam on the subject ‘Ways to not get caught while cheating’. The players who will clear this exam will be eligible to play for the first class teams in Australia.