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Baba Siddique takes up the challenge, will unite Smith and Kohli in Iftar party this year

30, Mar 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: Baba Siddique who took lot of credit for uniting Salman and Shah Rukh Khan in 2013 Iftar party, has taken up another fresh challenge that is to unite the test captains of India and Australian cricket team.

File picture of Smith and Kohli before ‘breakup’

The way both the teams indulged in sledging and passing comments on each other during pre and  post-match press conferences led by their captains from front, was unprecedented.  

To make it worse, both the boards, ex-players, media pitched in throwing their weight behind their respective teams. Cricket lovers hope Baba spells his magic once more so that we do not see anything like this happening again when India tours Australia next in Nov 2018.

There are skeptics who doubt Smith and Kohli will ever be friends especially after Virat has categorically said Australian cricketers are no longer his friends.

“These Skeptics will always remain doubtful. You know, how SRK and Sallu bhai fought with each other at Katrina’s birthday party and now you see how they have become langotiya yaar post that Iftar party. I have full faith in Baba, if anyone in this world who can do something like this, it is only him,” said Ahsan Ahmed, close friend of Baba Siddique while speaking to us.

Mr. Ahmed added, “We all know Virat Kohli. He is someone who wears his heart on his sleeve all the time. As IPL is starting soon, both Smith and Kohli will get enough opportunity to greet each other, so by the time IPL ends in May, I am expecting things would have cooled down a lot between both.”

Mr. Ahmed told us, “This year Ramzan starts on May 26th and ends on June 24th. You know how the cricketing calendar is loaded these days, after IPL there is Champions trophy. I am expecting after completion of Champions trophy on June 18th, we have a week’s time. During that period, we will find a date convenient to both.”

A source from the media, who was covering the entire issue, said, “What’s great in uniting two cricketers. Remember after monkeygate incident Symonds and Harbhjan played for Mumbai Indian side. If Baba Siddique feels he has magical power, let him try to unite Kejriwal with governance or RGV with sensible tweets.”