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Back in Delhi, Virat Kohli asked by Delhi Police to chase down people who jump traffic signals

01, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: Having returned home after his exploits in the IPL for Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli has been asked by Delhi traffic police to help them chase down the offenders who cross a traffic signal even when it is not Green.

Virat Kohli
Can Kohli chase down his biggest target yet?

Even though he failed to chase down SRH’s total in the IPL final, Virat Kohli has built a reputation as a formidable chaser and now Delhi Police wants to use that to their advantage. Kohli is currently at home resting before the tour to the Caribbean in July.

Following traffic signals has often been a problem for drivers on the Indian roads, particularly late at night and early morning hours. With Virat ready to chase down people who ump the signal, traffic police is confident that such incidents can be brought down.

“He is currently at home, not playing cricket so why not. We are always struggling to catch all these people who jump signals and create a hazard on the roads. Some of them we manage to chase down but many get away. With a chaser like Kohli around, I am sure we can get most, if not all the offenders. His record in chases is incredible, he runs faster than our vehicles, he is our guy”, a senior officer of Delhi Traffic Police told Faking News.

Furthermore, he added,”This will help Virat keep in shape while he is resting and we will catch a lot more offenders. This is a win-win situation for everyone. If he wants, we can ask AB to join him as well. We could have asked Gayle as well but we don’t have to beat the traffic offenders, we just have to catch and fine them.”

However, not all traffic cops were happy with this news. “Do we have to keep a cut for Virat Kohli as well in our bribes?” asked a traffic cop posted in Delhi.