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Bangalore bus driver selected to participate in F1 racing

08, Nov 2014 By johnrj

Bangalore. In stunning news that is bound to make F1 fans from India happy, a Bangalore bus driver has been recruited to participate in the racing event.

“I never knew such a talent existed,” said Robert McMahon who was a scout sent to India for checking out promising talents, “I am flabbergasted on how India is grooming such talents in such a unique way.”

Robert who had stayed in Bangalore for just two days, was surprised when he boarded the bus where Murugan Kariappa drove and was instantly awestruck by his stunning driving expertise.

Murugan finding his way through
Murugan finding his way through

“I think he has F1 racing in his blood. He is so passionate with driving, he doesn’t even see if the signal shows red or green,” said Robert.

Murugan had zig-zaged his way in Bangalore traffic to reach the desired destination with zero casualties both inside and outside the bus.

“I usually put on Honey Singh’s songs in the bus so people are busy wondering how it became popular that they don’t notice my rash driving so no heart attacks,” said Murugan on his techniques, “I also sometimes but a brick in the accelerator for a challenge so that it improves my controlling power in top speed.”

Murugan was initially interested as he had often complained about how he had to stop during his high speed travel for people who had to get down even after putting a notice near the exit saying, “Walk slow at your own risk. Jumping recommended”. He had to remove it after some policemen had boarded the bus who were unable to jump due to their inability to exert enough force to overcome their inertia of rest.

Murugan, on the other hand, is also not very much interested in traveling abroad to pursue his passion, “There is no thrill driving with no traffic. I also need people on the road who I can swear at constantly.”

Robert was moved to tears when Murugan apologized and refused to accept the offer. To console his new found admirer, Murugan has suggested his cousin who works as an auto driver who can equally match his expertise to be represented.

However, the auto driver has requested his regular wages plus one and a half which was promptly rejected. Robert is planning to quit scouting in race courses but rather continue traveling in buses throughout the country to find the right person for the job.