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Bangladesh Cricket Board approaches Adobe headquarters to prepare for the semi-finals against India

14, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

After reaching semifinals with the help of rains, Bangladesh is ready to defeat India as per the photoshopped image going viral in Bangladesh social media. India is set to take on Bangladesh in the second semifinal of the champions trophy 2017, both the teams are preparing hard for it. India in Nets and Bangladesh in Adobe’s head office. 


 Yes you heard it right, Bangladesh cricket board’s chairman Mr Kobhinajeetbo Ashrafool was spotted in Adobe’s head office in USA on Tuesday to hire some experts for photoshopping the results of the India vs Bangladesh semifinal. 

 Faking News had a short interview with Mr Ashrafool, Mr. Ashrafool confirmed that he is hiring experts of photoshop. He further added “I know chances of Bangladesh defeating are quite low, so to get the desired results we are going to photoshop the results of this match to make Bangladeshi people happy“. 

 But looks like not everyone is happy with Bangladesh and their photoshop skills. Here in Delhi, CM Arvind Kejriwal said that he is going to sue the Bangladeshi Board for stealing his strategy of making his fans happy. West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee has also supported Arvind Kejriwal and said “I wish my favorite team wins”. Experts are confused which team she thinks should win.   

 Though photoshop images are not very hard to identify but people in news media and a few politicians love to believe them that way only. This is one of the reasons that many fake images and news are getting viral these days. We being one of them. Keep reading Faking News.