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Bangladesh Foreign Minister complains to Sushma Swaraj about mistreatment of 11 Bangladeshis in Hyderabad

10, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Dhaka: Bangladesh’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Abul Hassan Mahmud Ali has called up his Indian counterpart, Sushma Swaraj, to complain about the mistreatment meted out to 11 Bangladeshis in the Indian city of Hyderabad. Bangladesh’s cricket team is currently playing their first test match in India and so far, they have been subjected to severe punishment by the Indian batsmen.

Kohli is the one singled out by Bangladesh foreign minister

Sushma Swaraj has made a formidable reputation as the savior of Indians abroad and of foreign nationals in India and Mr. Ali is hoping that she can interfere in this case as well. Even though this is just a single test series, he doesn’t want to wait till the completion of the match for the rescue and relief mission.

Confirming the phone call, Mr. Ali said ,”Yes I did call Ms Swaraj to raise this issue. How can you invite guests over and then treat them like this? I thought guests are worshiped in India, not smashed around all around the stadium. We understand that this is a game of cricket and you want to score runs but like this? Give some chance to our boys as well.”

“It is not that I only complained, I also praised that boy Rahul in front of Ms Swaraj. For a while she got worried thinking that I am praising their political opponent but then I clarified that I am talking about KL Rahul. Why couldn’t the other batsmen play like him? And that guy, Kohli, when Umpire has given you out, just walk away. Why did he feel the need to review that? Our boys are being tourtured out there and I sincerely hope that Ms Swaraj puts an end to it”, he added.

meanwhile, Pakistani bowlers have requested their government to avoid improving relations with India while Kohli is still playing.