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Bangladesh players watch Ram Gopal Varma movies to train their eyes to play in low light smog in Delhi

31, Oct 2019 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. India is scheduled to play Bangladesh in a T20 match at the Kotla on 3rd November. The low light smoggy conditions in Delhi is seen as a hazard for the players. Bangladesh players were seen watching Ram Gopal Varma movies to practice the low light conditions and to train their eyes to focus in the dark conditions. Movies made by Ramu are devoid of any light and many times families carry their personal torch to the stadium to be able to watch the movie properly.

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Movies like Bhoot, Company, Phoonk, Sarkar, and others had been shot in low light conditions and Ramu was appreciated by all for using less electricity while shooting the movies. Though this is the natural style of Ramu, people think he gives extra effort in saving power. Bangladesh players were told about these movies and they have been now continuously watching those movies to acclimatize to Delhi’s conditions.

The rapid spike in Delhi’s air quality index after Diwali has become a cause of concern. Bangladesh Cricket Board on Tuesday named Mahmudullah as the captain and he spoke with Faking News where he said “Cricket is not just a game of pitch, and athletism, it is also a game of hand-eye coordination. We are thankful to Ram Gopal Varma for giving us the original DVDs free of cost to practice. We are ready to play in Delhi and try to win the game.”

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