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Bangladesh says it wants to win the World Cup for Ganguly

18, Feb 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Dhaka, Bangladesh. In a dramatic development a day ahead of the India-Bangladesh match in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, Bangladesh has declared that it wanted to win the cup for the former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly.

With Ganguly not being even a Bangladeshi refugee or an immigrant, the move is being termed as a cunning “mind game” being played by the host team to defeat the Indians.

“Yes, we want to win it for Dada,” Shakib Al Hasan, the captain of Bangladesh declared this morning in a hurriedly called press conference, which also had “korbo lorbo jeetbo re” written on a canvas in the backdrop.

Sourav Ganguly in Bangladesh
Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly with former Bangladeshi captain Mashrafe-Bin-Murtaza at an event in Dhaka in November 2010

“Of course we win it for our country by default, but we want to present this cup to Dada as our gift and as a tribute to his excellence,” Shakib clarified and claimed that the team had blessings from the Bangladesh Cricket Board as well as from the government.

Bangladeshi captain denied that the move was aimed at creating divisions within the Indian cricket team ahead of the crucial tie tomorrow.

“If that was our motive, we’d have declared that we wanted to win the cup for Sreesanth, who has been told off publicly by Dhoni many times,” he added with what appeared to be a little wink.

“See, it’s pure logic; Sachin is playing this cup and he may play even the next cup,” Bangladeshi captain then tried to explain his team’s stand after persistent questioning from Faking News, “If you really want to dedicate someone this cup, it has to be Dada, who badly needs an honorary farewell gift right now.”

Shakib Al Hasan pointed out that their team had always adored and admired Dada and that’s why the former Indian captain was invited to attend a special event in Bangladesh last year in November to start the countdown to the World Cup.

“Why didn’t you object then?” Bangladeshi captained retorted.

But the host captain was still at loss to explain why he chose an Indian player and why not someone from his own country. The press conference ended when Anuradha Prasad of Indian news channel News 24 asked Bangladeshi captain if he liked Katrina Kaif.