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Banks to put up giant screens showing Kohli's batting to keep waiting crowds entertained

11, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In order to ensure that the people waiting outside banks maintain calm, banks have decided to put up giant screens outside every bank. The screens will show the highlights of Virat Kohli’s batting from 2016, an Year in which he was in scintillating form.

Keeping waiting crowds happy while stumps in background promote cashless transactions

Ever since demonetisation, banks have witnessed huge queues as people rushed to deposit their old 500 and 1000 Rs notes and to withdraw money in new currency notes. While people have maintained calm so far, RBI doesn’t want to take any chances and want to provide them some entertainment while they wait. With Kohli being the most popular individual in India at the moment, they have decided to show him on these giant screens to ensure people remain distracted and don’t get angry while waiting.

“So far there hasn’t been any untoward incident but sooner or later, people will get frustrated with all the waiting. We want to avoid any such situation and want to make their wait an enjoyable experience. For that, we have decided to install giant screens outside all banks where we will run ‘best of Kohli’ tapes. People will start wishing that the wait lasts a bit longer after that”, an RBI official said.

“We have already sent projectors and white screens to all the banks and they will be installed once banks reopen on Tuesday. We have strictly ordered that unlike new 2000 Rs notes, banks shouldn’t share these projectors with few rich individuals only. All branches should have them installed by Tuesday”, the official added.

However, experts believe that this step may trigger violence outside the banks. “People will see Kohli batting, inevitably they will compare him to Sachin, Sachin fans in the queues will get upset. It can lead to large scale riots between Sachin fans and Kohli fans”, a well known expert of nothing said.