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If the batsmen didn’t have bats while facing my bowling, my record would have been much different: Harbhajan Singh

12, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: After claiming that his record would have been very different had he played on pitches prepared over the past 4 years, Harbhajan Singh has now claimed that his record would have been even better if the batsmen didn’t have bats to play his bowling.

Harbhajan could have gone past 1000 wickets with a small rule change

Harbhajan had taken a dig at the track prepared for the 3rd test match between India and New Zealand, calling it a 2 days old surface before a ball was bowled. He also predicted that the game will get over within 3 and half days.

“Well of course, if ICC had stopped the batsmen from playing with a bat, my record would have been sensational. The economy rate would have been unbelievable and I would have taken a lot more bowled and LBW dismissals. I still have a very impressive record but think of the possibilities if ICC had such a rule”, Harbhajan Singh said speaking to Faking News.

“Experts are always complaining about the rules being totally in favor of the batsmen so ideally, such a rule should have existed to balance the scales between batsmen and bowlers. I feel robbed that we didn’t have such a rule”, Harbhajan said.

When we asked how the batsmen would have scored runs in the absence of bats, Bhajji said,”Oh please, there are wides, no balls, they can play with the gloves, so many avenues to score runs. Even bowlers would have missed out on many caught dismissals, so again, balance would have been there.”

Meanwhile, Bhajji is spending a lot of time practicing his batting. “The rate at which Indian openers are getting injured, you never know, I could be called up for opening the batting by the end of the home season”, Bhajji explained.