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BCCI already in talks with ICC to see if an overseas draw can be counted as win for touring team henceforth

30, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Melbourne. With Indian team battling it out at MCG to forge at least a draw against Australian team in the third test, BCCI has already begun advanced level talks with ICC to convince them to count drawn test matches as win for Indian touring team henceforth.

Such effort deserves a win, at least.
Such effort deserves a win, at least.

“Though we are confident that Indian captain will put his experience of dragging the game to the last over, to good use today, but even if he doesn’t manage to draw the game today, those days…err…years are not far, when Indian team will be able to carve out draws one after other on foreign land,” pointed a BCCI official.

“Therefore considering the amount hard work Indian team has to do in order to even draw a game overseas, I think our demand is only a fair one and would benefit all touring teams, even those that tour India,” he further explained the logic behind BCCI’s demand.

In a candid moment, Faking News later caught N Srinivasan talking to himself in the mirror, trying to explain why even the ongoing test match between India and Austrlia, if ends in a draw should be awarded to India.

“The Srinivasan that you see outside the mirror is the one representing BCCI and the one inside mirror is the one in the capacity of ICC chairman. So you see the talks have already begun and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they bore some fruit,” his close aide told our confused reporter, “This is a tight slap to all those who accuse BCCI of misusing its powers to enforce its beliefs on ICC.”

Meanwhile BCCI has promised a grand felicitation ceremony for Indian team once it returns for successfully avoiding a whitewash.

“Boys deserve every bit of it. We are not like BJP that sets impractical targets for itself. We are quite content with these boys managing a draw,” Rajiv Shukla told Faking News.

Latest report claim that Srinivasan was going through ‘contact us’ page of Cricket Australia’s website, few minutes before the match was called off 4 overs too early, for a draw.