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BCCI approaches ND Tiwari to produce a world class fast bowler for India

06, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Facing criticism from all quarters over poor performance of Indian cricket team for quite some time now, latest being its ouster from the Asia Cup, BCCI has approached veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari to produce a high quality fast bowler for the nation.

BCCI has requested him to put his talent and resources to some national use thereby rescuing them from embarrassing defeats the country faces every now and then.

ND Tiwari scandal
He can swing it both ways to achieve the feat no father in India has managed so far.

The board has offered ND Tiwari and his family members (including those already known and yet to be discovered) a substantial share in any revenue it generates due to the fast bowler.

BCCI regrets the time they wasted by looking for assistance from outside the country, trying to hire foreign bowling coaches, opening pace academies, spending a fortune on training and fitness of the current lot of bowlers, etc.

“We are sure with his frequency of producing young men, we will fulfill our dream of getting a world class fast bowler for India sooner than later,” a BCCI official said flashing a ‘V’ sign.

“We want to take the natural route, and we are sure that he can find a better candidate than us,” said the official when asked why could BCCI not hire Tiwari as a sperm donor if the board was so confident of his abilities.

“He has the balls to produce a bowler who throws ball at 150 kph,” he quickly added. Logistics are being worked out to see if Shoaib Akhtar and ND Tiwari can meet and take it forward from there.

As the news spread like wildfire, Tiwari started receiving many such requests.

While Australia approached him to produce a world class spinner like Shane Warne after the leggie himself failed to do the same for his country despite his various attempts, Pakistan has settled for a cricketer who can speak English fluently.