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BCCI claims failure of England team proof that not playing IPL affects performance

05, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Immediately after Indian clinched the ODI series, BCCI cited not playing in IPL as the main reason behind English players’ disastrous performance in ODIs.

Denying that it was trying to jump to IPL’s defense after experts slammed the tournament following India’s poor performance in test matches; BCCI minced no words in declaring non participation of England in IPL as the main culprit for their meek surrender in ODIs.

“We will leave no opportunity to uphold spirit of IPL”

“There was no throwing technique and caution to the wind. No sense of panic and impatience. Neither were there any risks taken with reckless hitting, glory shots etc, all of which are considered successful ingredients for succeeding in shorter formats, and all of which players learn in aplenty during IPL,” Rajiv Shukla told Faking News.

BCCI further claimed that due to not playing regularly in IPL, English players were relatively short on experience when it came to shorter formats of the game.

“English players are no longer a cool customer, they don’t have loads of experience, they take more than few seconds to get their eye in and I have hardly ever seen them go full monty,” Ravi Shastri once again backed BCCI’s stance.

BCCI even went on to hold England’s affection for test cricket responsible for their ODI debacle.

“Currently there is no attention being given to IPL by ECB. Their players are busy playing and winning test matches because of which their quality is going up,” Shukla pointed and chided ECB for leaving out Kevin Pietersen, the only English player active in IPL.

While for dealing with India’s poor performance in test format, BCCI said that instead of scrapping IPL, the need of the hour was a new IPL for test matches.

“Instead of blaming IPL again, Indian team ought to be grateful to IPL and wish it Happy Teacher’s Day,” Shukla said as he wished Happy Teacher’s Day to Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, N Srinivasan, and many more.

Meanwhile England ODI team too used the opportunity to wish Indian test team a Happy Teacher’s Day.