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BCCI to conduct an entrance test to shortlist applicants for coach's position

22, Jun 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: BCCI is planning to conduct an entrance test to shortlist the applicants for Indian team head coach position. These shortlisted candidates will be given all India rank and then they will be asked to appear before CAC advisory committee consisting of Tendulkar, Ganguly and Laxman for their final round of interview.

As of now Sehwag, Tom Moody, Lalchand Rajput, Richard Pybus, Doda Ganesh are the only applicants. These many are not sufficient for BCCI to conduct the entrance examination it wants to do, that’s why it has decided to give another two weeks so that whoever wants the job can apply for it.

While speaking to us, one of the top BCCI official who wanted us not to reveal his identity, said, “Very difficult to comment now, but If we get too many applications, we might decide to split the entrance exam to two levels like JEE Main and JEE advanced.”

When we asked, BCCI is saying new coach will be on board before Sri Lanka tour which is starting from July 19th, how all these processes will be completed before that. The official said, “It will be online exam and on one day everyone need to attend the exam. Gentle warning to all aspirants it would be a real tough exam, not like JEE exam you enroll to some coaching center in KOTA or Super-30 and then you have a good chance to crack it. Here there are no previous year question papers to refer to and our most experienced office bearers who have never played the game even at gully level, has set the question paper.”

“One final thing, both online exam score and panel interview numbers will have equal weight-age and they will be added before declaring the winner. So, one needs to do well in all the levels to get the high-profile job,” said the official.

As lot of television channels have shown interest to get exclusive rights for the final interview round which they want to run it like a reality TV show, BCCI is thinking of doing an auction for the same and a notification in this regard will be out soon.