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BCCI fine with Virat given out wrongly, will not change their stance on DRS

31, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

Durban.  While the entire nation was busy applauding alleged fulfillment of AAP’s water promise, in a far away place Indian cricket team quietly consolidated their envious overseas record by losing the test series partly due to Virat Kohli’s controversial dismissal.

Kohli's response to BCCI's decision.
Kohli’s response to BCCI’s decision.

The news started gaining momentum after self appointed representative of BCCI, Sunil Gavaskar, claimed that BCCI was instead very happy with the way Kohli was given and has no intentions of changing their stance on DRS till it was 100% accurate.

According to Gavaskar it was due to absence of DRS that Indian team was able to check their lower middle order and quality of some batsmen who were trying to stake claim in the test team.

“Virat Kohli is proven performer in both tests and ODIs. If he was not given out, he would have have probably gone on to make another 100. That wouldn’t have helped our cause. The rare sight of Rohit Sharma open his account by middling at least one ball or Ravindra Jadeja surviving an over against the likes of Steyn and Morkel was seemingly more tempting for us,” 64 year old ex-opener explained his logic.

“Further Virat scoring at this pace would put Sachin’s record in danger,” Sunil quickly added.

Gavaskar further felt that fans should be grateful to BCCI as because of their stance, they got to see the old frustrated Virat creating magic with his words after getting out which off late was not seen thanks to him making huge scores.

At this point Ravi Shastri, known to follow BCCI’s line of thought like a tracer bullet, too jumped in to justify the decision like a cool customer.

“Look if DRS had saved Virat, he would have saved it for India and the result would be a draw. That wouldn’t have been a good sign for the game. I refuse to believe South Africa won this one. For me Cricket was the real winner,” Shastri told our reporter.

Sources from BCCI further confirm that their stance on DRS won’t change anytime soon.

“Look, we can afford to lose a few more games before deciding something. Just like a few scams or slow growth can be afforded before we decide the new Prime Minister,” Rajiv Shukla told our reporter from outside 10 Janpath.