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BCCI gets 57 applications for position of coach, plans to conduct mini-IPL among applicants to arrive at a shortlist

14, Jun 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: The unprecedented response for the position of Team India coach has got BCCI in a fix. With many high profile applicants in the fray, the Board is now considering the option of having a mini-IPL to arrive at a short list and eventually appoint the coach.

Ravi Shastri all set for the mini-IPL
Ravi Shastri all set for the mini-IPL

Speaking to Faking News a senior official from BCCI said, “We never expected a response like this. Names like Venkatesh Prasad, Hrishikesh Kanitkar and Pravin Amre has only made our job of selecting the right candidate difficult. So we decided on doing what we do best. Use this situation to mint money and what better way than having another IPL.”

“We usually get done with IPL matches before  monsoon arrives, but this year it seems the rains will be delayed. We might as well squeeze in a mini-IPL. By the end of the event, we’d have made a lot of money and also get a new coach for the team,” he added.

The decision to conduct an IPL saw mixed response from veteran players who were vying for the post of team coach.

“Although I am fine with the IPL but BCCI should be clear about what they expect from a coach. First they say they want a Hindi speaking coach and now they want us to play this IPL match. I mean what is going on. I spent a bomb on Hindi tuitions, now all that is down the drain,” said veteran cricketer Anil Kumble, while pointing towards a book rack stacked with Shabdkosh.

Ravi Shastri too was seen gearing up for the challenge. Speaking to our reporter from a local gym he said, “I am here to win and I need to play well. I think this IPL is just what the doctor ordered. I am pretty sure that the selection committee will be impressed with my skills. I am the Neil Nitin Mukesh of cricket.”

Just asked what he meant by that, Mr. Shastri said, “I mean three in one. I am Team director, presenter and commentator. With one man’s salary I do a job that requires three men.”