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BCCI to give Lodha panel its own IPL team to end its objections

22, Oct 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai:BCCI today announced its intention to give a full fledged IPL franchise to the Lodha panel in order to end the impasse and enable BCCI to carry on with its regular duties.


Lodha panel has been raising serious objections with BCCI’s way of functioning and is irked with BCCI after it has refused to carry out its recommendations.

We spoke to a senior BCCI official for more details, who said, “Now you see BCCI isn’t normally told what to do, it tells others like Bangladesh Cricket Board or Zimbabwe Cricket Board or Bermuda Cricket Board or ICC what to do. Now Lodha panel asking us to do something is entirely unprecedented.”

“So giving an IPL team isn’t a kind of a bribe but it would ensure that the judiciary would be given complete access to the IPL and its interworking as a result of this team. They can closely observe the officials, financial documents, games and even the cheerleaders to root out any illegalities,” he added.

“We would also change the rules of the game to suit the judiciary like if a bowler is bowling too well or a batsman batting too well then the Lodha panel’s IPL team can ask for an adjournment and can then play the rest of the game when the particular player is not performing. Plus the IPL which is only played for about 90 days in a year is also the approximate duration when the judiciary is in session so they would have no problem adapting to situations. This is our initiative to promote complete transparency,” he said hoping to put all speculations to rest.

The BCCI has also announced that Lodha Panel’s team would be able to prosecute opponent players who bowl illegal deliveries like 2 bouncers in an over, a no ball or a wide ball.

Lodha panel has not come out with an official statement on this offer but sources say that a ceasefire could be likely possibility.