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BCCI to hire a consultant who will select the consultant to be sent with the team for before every overseas tour

19, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

It’s been six weeks since the hunt for the coach began after the fall out between Kohli and Kumble that saw the latter withdrawing from the race, and every passing day has produced twists, turns, controversies, melodrama. Complications arose as the CAC also appointed in the form of ‘consultants’ for batting (Rahul Dravid) and bowling (Zaheer Khan), which did not seem to sit well with Shastri. Now to manage all this chaos, BCCI has decided that it will hire a consultant who will choose which consultant should accompany the team on its overseas tours.


BCCI has finally woke up and taken note of the chaos surrounding its processes and a consultant will surely bring back some much needed sanity in the cricketing environment. The selection process for the consultants will be quite simple. The candidates will be interviewed by a panel of 3 consultants who will ask them their views on providing consultancy to the team during the tough overseas tours. The only thing which is not cleared yet is the process to select the panel of consultants who will choose the consultant who in turn will choose the consultant for the tour. According to BCCI sources, it is not as difficult as it seems and the process will likely get over in 1 year time.

Journalists, cricket fans and the cricketers themselves have approved of this decision by the BCCI and can now hope for the team performing exceedingly well on tours of England, SA and Aus. Till the time the consultant is hired, Ravi Shastri has decided to invite Sachin to give batting tips to the team. Ravi spoke to the faking news team and had this to say,” See I know for fact that Sachin doesn’t visit Rajya Sabha and has ample time on his hand as now he doesn’t have to promote his movie also. So this is the right time for him to join us and take Indian cricket to newer heights.”