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BCCI hires consultant to find a new reason to drop Dinesh Karthik again

26, Nov 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Team India was down to a do-or-die situation in Sydney after the second game was washed out. But Indian skipper Virat Kohli once again showed his pedigree to revive India and help the team level the series 1-1 against Australia on Sunday.

But the batsman that went unnoticed by many in India’s thrilling victory was Dinesh Karthik, who had maintained composure even under pressure situation and stayed alongside Kohli till the end. i (1)

In fact, statistics reveal that Karthik is slowly becoming a finisher for India in the shortest format of the game. But the selectors don’t have a liking for Dinesh’s achievements as a batsman and they only see him as a backup keeper.

In fact, now that Dinesh has played so many match winning knocks, BCCI wants some innovative reason to drop him again, as has been the case for last 10 years. Dinesh Karthik is pretty sure that he won’t be dropped again but then he was also sure for the last 10 years regarding the same.

In the latest step, BCCI has hired a consultant who was known to give innovative but crap ideas to consumers for a long time. BCCI will pay the consultant handsomely and some are saying that his salary would be much more than Shastri’ annual pay. Faking News is trying to reach the consultant and we will try to bring you the latest on the same.