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BCCI impressed with Sanjay Manjrekar's call on Dhoni's run out in IPL final, may use him instead of third-umpire for future matches

13, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

Sanjay Manjrekar, who vehemently declared MS Dhoni run-out before third umpire’s call in IPL final yesterday, may just replace the third umpire in future matches.


Sources say that BCCI officials were impressed with Manjrekar’s keen eye that led him to make the run-out call so very confidently.

The CSK captain was found just millimeters short of his crease; a decision which even the third umpire Nigel Llong took ages to make. Even as the giant screen was showing close-up images, Sanjay had absolutely no doubt that Dhoni was gone. It is not clear if the commentators call had in any way influenced the umpire’s decision, but just moments later the giant screen declared the batsman as OUT.

“It was a very close call. Could have gone either way. But what impressed me was how accurate Sanjay was with this decision. And that too without a word on ‘benefit of doubt’ for the batsman. I think it’s time commentators take over from third-umpires,” said a senior BCCI official.

“Those sitting in the commentary box are cricketers too and have the same images at their disposal that are provided to third umpire. I see no reason why their call should be any less valid,” he added.

Insiders reveal that the board in set to meet post the World Cup and a formal proposal would be placed to empower commentators to assist on-field umpires and completely do away with third umpires.

“I think commentators these days have moved on from just sharing their views on the match. I foresee a time when they’d make even the DRS redundant,” remarked a cricket expert.

While speaking to Faking News, Sanjay seemed happy that his talent was being appreciated and even said that there on-field umpires too could be done away with. “Everyone knows about the Dhoni Review System. If players and commentators can take decisions then why do we need any third person. I would be happy to assist, let BCCI take the decision,” he said.