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BCCI is confident with Ravi as ‘director’ three days are enough; announce Kotla is available for wedding reception on 4th and 5th day of the match

30, Nov 2015 By dasu

New Delhi: After Ravi Shastri said “to hell with five days”, BCCI is more than confident Delhi test will not last more than three days. As this is a busy marriage season, BCCI top brass have directed DDCA counterparts to open a tender so that whoever is interested can book Feroz Shah Kotla on Dec 6th and 7th i.e. 4th & 5th day of the test match for wedding reception.

Ravi Shastri all set for the wedding reception
Ravi Shastri all set for the wedding reception

We spoke to BCCI heavyweight Rajiv Shukla. He said, “From the time Ravi was appointed team director everyone in the media kept on asking me what is his role. Now all of them see what a ‘director’ means to the team. He is supposed to direct the groundsman to prepare pitch in such a way that puff of dust should come out in first over. According to me Ravi has done stupendous job.”

Mr. Shukla added, “Look at the result. We are winning in three days. In fact Ravi has recommended Nagpur and Mohali groundsmen should get two hundred percent bonus for their special service to Indian cricket.”

“I just read his interview he has given to EspnCricinfo, where he has sounded confident that Delhi test will not last more than three days. We are in middle of a busy marriage season, I only suggested why to keep the ground idle, let people book in advance and use it. The money we get can be given as a bonus to our hardworking groundsmen. This is the motto with which BCCI operates i.e. betterment of Indian cricket & people associated with it,” said Mr. Shukla.

When we asked is there a chance groundsmen will try to compete with each other & have pitches that will help test matches to be over in two days. Mr. Shukla said, “It is possible. I do not see any problem with that. We are not like IT Company where we follow per hour billing cost, we give everybody full payment. Bowlers are happy, umpires are happy, crowd is happy. Batsmen will be unhappy, but we will take care of them with proper pitches whenever we need. At this hour, Indian team should win at any cost.”

We wanted to speak to Ravi Shastri to know about the match preparation the team is undergoing, oops sorry the pitch preparation he is supervising. Ravi declined saying he is too busy.

According to our sources, he is super busy in pitch preparation. He has ordered same heaters to be used to dry the pitches which were used in Mohali and Nagpur.

Ravi personally supervises everything as he does not want to take any chance after the experience he had at Mumbai where his own people ditched him and did not prepare the pitch as per his direction.

According to our sources, he is carrying the heaters with him when flying from one location to another location, so that pitches across India are uniformly dried.

One of the groundsmen told us what Ravi was saying to him, “Prepare the pitch in such a way that our bowlers do not have to do lot of work.”