Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


BCCI should look into the possibility of conducting IPL on Mars in case it gets cancelled on Earth: Rajeev Shukla

13, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

With Delhi govt clearly stating that no IPL match will take place in the capital, there is a high probability that the event may get cancelled. At the moment BCCI has postponed the event to April 15th, but the prospect of IPL getting cancelled has the got the cricketing body concerned.

Sources say that top officials from BCCI were huddled in a closed door meeting where they looked into various possibilities of holding the IPL. Ex-Chairman Rajeev Shukla was of the opinion that BCCI should look into holding IPL on Mars in case it gets cancelled on Earth.

While speaking to Faking News, Rajeev Shukla said, “Even apocalypse cannot stop IPL from happening. How can you let go a money minting opportunity just because there is a risk of spreading disease. It will take place, if not on Earth then on Mars,” he asserted.

When questioned about IPL players surviving the harsh environment of Mars, Mr. Shukla said, “I have seen the movie Martian starring Matt Damon. If he is able to grow potatoes and survive, so can our players. Chips aur french fries banake kha lenge humare players,” he added.

Reacting to concerns that getting players and support staff to Mars being a logistical nightmare, the IPL Chairman said that he was in talks with Elon Musk for helping out with space travel.

Even the fact that there are not stadiums on Mars did not seem to affect Mr. Shukla, “The players will play on whatever ground is available to them. The stadium and spectators will be added later with the help of VFX,” he revealed.