BCCI to manage workload of squad, players will serve drink to Shastri on rotation basis to prevent burn out

11, Sep 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. International cricket is a tough task nowadays with three formats to cater to. Teams have to be smart enough to manage the workload of players and BCCI is taking initiative for the same. BCCI wants players to serve drinks to Shastri on a rotation basis so that there is no extra load on a particular player.


Some players had complained to the board that Shastri ji has some fixed list of players who serve him drinks and that list has not changed since last 3 years.

Due to that some players were feeling burnt out due to extra workload. Senior players have already told no to Shastri, but after the BCCI’s order, they cannot shy away from their responsibility. Shastri starts in the morning and ends his game late in the night.

And some players have to wake up early morning for their practice sessions, so it makes sense that players who have to wake up early can give drinks to Shastri in the morning while the other players manage Shastri during the night.

It has to be seen if Ravi Bhai does like the new system or he would come up with suggestions of his own to tackle the issue.