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BCCI puts audio players playing "Sachin Sachin" beneath empty seats

14, Nov 2013 By idiot420

Mumbai. In a move to compensate for the absence of people who didn’t show up at the stadium even after being given free passes, BCCI has placed audio players chanting “Sachin Sachin” slogan beneath the empty seats of Wankhede stadium.

The audio players were first noticed by a few Sachin fans during the lunch break today.

Sachin at Wankhede
Sachin acknowledging the divine chants

“Everyone was relaxing but continuous sound of ‘Sachin Sachin’ was coming from some parts of the stadium. Since it was about Sachin, I thought these might be divine chants from invisible angels present in the stadium to watch the God play his last test match,” Sudheer, a Tendulkar fan told Faking News.

“No way there could have been empty stands in the stadium given Sachin’s fan following, so we assumed that BCCI had invited gods and angels and they occupied those seemingly vacant seats,” Sudheer said.

However, faithfuls like Sudheer too were forced to turn skeptics when one of the audio players started sounding strange. The “Sachin Sachin” chat started coming out in ultra slow motion.

“Remember how audio cassettes sounded when battery drained out or when cassette reel was jammed? Same kind of effects was there, and hence we decided to dig further,” Sudheer recalled.

Initially Sudheer tried to give benefit of doubt by assuming that a ghost could also be there, but soon he decided to check for himself.

And that’s how people discovered audio players strategically placed to shout “Sachin Sachin” on behalf of those who got passes, tickets, etc. from clubs and bodies associated with BCCI and MCA, but didn’t care to turn up.

Soon after their deed was exposed, BCCI and MCA (Mumbai Cricket Association) members were left red faced.

“Our intention was not to fool the public or Sachin. We tried to replicate the same scenario that would have been created had those tickets been sold to general public,” a stadium official tried to explain.

Sources tell Faking News that those with passes have been asked to present in the stadium tomorrow else a case will be filed against them for hurting religious sentiments.