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BCCI renames IPL-8 as World Cup 2015 so that India retains the trophy, ICC agrees

08, Apr 2015 By shridhar

Mumbai. Seems that BCCI has taken #wewontgiveitback too seriously. At annual general meeting of ICC in Dubai, BCCI pushed in the proposal to rename eighth edition of IPL as World Cup 2015 and ICC passed it with overwhelming majority 7-1. With seven countries supporting the proposal, only Australia voted “No”.

When asked about this, Dhoni replied (with a smile), “There a few things money can’t buy, for everything else we have BCCI.”

Mustafa Kamal the head of Bangladesh Cricket Board was furious. He came out of the meeting and told Faking News, “I will expose everyone once I go back to Bangladesh. This has become Indian Cricket Council.I will spare no one.” He gave no reply and left the premises when asked why he voted in support of BCCI.

Faking News correspondent Kekdekar had a chat with chief of BCCI, Jagmohan Daalmein Kalamiya.

World Cup 2015 trophy
We will get a second chance

Kekdekar : Sir, What next? Are we going to have the World Cup once in a year?

JDK : Really not sure. See, we never think that far. You never know who will be the president of BCCI next year.

Kekdekar : What about Champions league 2015? What are your plans for that?

JDK : Good question. I had not thought of it. Hmmmm… I think we will push a proposal to rename it to Champions Trophy. I think everyone in BCCI will agree that the tournament can be held once in a year.

Kekdekar : What about ICC? Will they agree to this change ?

JDK : (laughs loudly) Ha Ha Ha!! Good joke. You are really funny.

We had a lot of questions for JDK but he had to attend a very important meeting about the trophy for the IPL, err, the World Cup. According to sources, BCCI wants more rubies, gems, and diamonds on the trophy.

Meanwhile, a new “Mauka Mauka” advertisement has been released in which the Pakistani fan applies for Visa in West Indies after he realizes that his team can never beat India because Pakistani players are not allowed to participate in the World Cup.

On the other hand, Australia has banned its players from participating in the new World Cup, in retaliation most of the Australian players have retired.