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BCCI to scrap Kohli's 'aggression allowance' after the cricketer was fined 25% of match fees for showing dissent against umpire

16, Jan 2018 By @jurnoleast

The aggression allowance paid to Virat Kohli by the BCCI will no longer be paid to the cricketer after he was found guilty misconduct in the test match against South Africa. Kohli is said to be guilty of showing dissent to the umpire after a decision did not go in his favor.

Sources say that Kohli gets a fixed amount every match as allowance to show aggression on the field. But lately the cricketer has been taking things a bit too far. BCCI too feels that the cricketer needs to tone down a bit and in a meeting of the top officials decided on scrapping the allowance.

“Yes, it is true. And honestly it is a good move. Virat has started behaving very aggressively even off the the field. Just the other day I went up to him to congratulate him for his century and he hurled abuses at me, ran around the room screaming before finally saying thank you,” said a BCCI official.

Players from other teams who played against India recently did mention off the record that Kohli’s ‘extra aggression’ is getting on their nerves. But none of them lodged an official complaint with BCCI for the fear of not being allowed to play in IPL.

One team mate who didn’t wish to be named recollected how Kohli ‘prepared his aggression’ before every match by watching Nana Patekar movies. “It got so much into him that during a post match press conference, he just stopped short of calling a lady journalist as kalamwali bai,” said the team mate.

Few years back the cricket board and incorporated certain allowances for players to make the game more interesting. Apart from Kohli, all-rounder Hardik Pandya gets hair dye allowance. It will be interesting to see if the board scraps this too.