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BCCI takes tough measure to tackle James Anderson, cancels IPL contract only to realize later he never had a contract

13, Aug 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

London: England’s bowling attack exploited the feeble Indian batting line-up at Lord’s, inflicting Virat Kohli’s first innings-defeat in Tests as captain. That the match ended past the cut-off time on day four shouldn’t cloud the fact that this was the third shortest completed Test match (in terms of balls bowled) in England, ever. At the forefront of that thrashing was 36-year-old James Anderson, who finished the match with figures of 9/43. Playing Anderson has been a headache for the current batsmen and BCCI planned to tackle this issue in their own way.

The BCCI IPL committee canceled James Anderson’s IPL contract only to realize 20 minutes later that he never had an IPL contract in the first place.


Anderson has been concentrating on prolonging his terrific career and for that, he has forgone the limited overs format and the English selectors have respected the decision. When the whole cricket community goes gaga over the IPL during April and May, Anderson focuses on improvement of his game.

This has benefited England test team a lot. But BCCI being BCCI, instead of improving its own batsmen, it took a drastic step of cancelling James Anderson’s IPL contract. The BCCI IPL committee wanted to give a strong signal to bowlers around the world that if they keep making a mockery of Indian Batting, then they will surely take drastic steps.

As soon as the news reached Anderson, he laughed at it thinking it to be a joke. But Lalit Modi, who has been taking credit for the transparency or the non-transparency associated with IPL called up the BCCI office and informed that Anderson was never given a IPL contract. But BCCI stood by the decision and decided that it will first make a contract and then cancel it, this way they won’t have to take back their decision.