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BCCI to appoint Baba Siddique as head coach to resolve rift between players

30, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Reports of a rift between Indian captain Virat Kohli and vice-captain Rohit Sharma have gathered steam over the past few days and a concerned BCCI has decided to intervene to douse the fire and speak to both the players. The next move from BCCI will likely solve the matter as it mules over the idea of appointing Baba Siddique as the next coach.


The criteria for the next Indian coach would be to organize lavish parties for players and families which Baba is accustomed to, just like Ravi Shastri. But one thing where Baba scores over Shastri is that he is a problem solver, a rift-solver, and a peace-maker between people. Baba was nominated for the UN peace prize for his contribution in bringing together SRK and Salman Khan and preventing the world war-3 which would have taken place due to the fight between SRK fans and Salman fans.

Baba’s task is not easy as this time it is not just the players but their wives too who are involved in the spat and resolving differences between wives is a tough task. The doors may be closed for Ravi Shastri though as BCCI wants to thank him for arranging some of the best parties for the cricket team and teaching the boys to bond over a couple of drinks.