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BCCI to file complaint against AB De Villiers for using excessive violence in his batting, for a trophy named after Gandhi and Mandela

26, Oct 2015 By redspade

Mumbai: After the heart wrenching innings for Indian fans from AB De Villiers in the fifth ODI, BCCI is leaving no stone unturned to prevent such disaster from happening in future again.

Charged for being excessively violent
Charged for being excessively violent

If inside sources are to be believed the first step towards this mission, which is going to be taken soon, is filing a complaint against AB to ICC for using excessive violence against bowlers during his batting innings.

An emergency meeting of board members was called just after the first innings of the last match of the ODI series, where a condemnation bill on this incident was passed with full support.

“I mean how you can justify batting with such fierceness, no mercy policy, even when this whole series was named after Gandhi and Mandela who are famous for their Idea of peace,” said a frustrated board member when contacted just after the board meeting.

The rage was over his head as he continued stammering for a few more moments. “By all this AB is destroying the image of cricket. It is a gentleman’s game and how can a gentleman torture another gentleman like this. He is also motivating his team members negatively who are increasingly becoming more like him. If this continues to go on, I don’t know how many more innocent bowlers will have to suffer because of him,” he said.

Reportedly, BCCI have threatened ICC that if they don’t take any step on this incident they will dismiss ICC from all its authority and form a different organisation for controlling international cricket.

Later the night we contacted Bhubaneswar Kumar, who was admitted to AIIMS that night after being assaulted by south-African batsman and was slowly recovering from the trauma of 106-1 bowling figure.

“I don’t want to play against those monsters ever in my life again and strongly oppose letting them play in our field. I was trapped; even Dhoni wasn’t listening to me when I refused repeatedly to bowl anymore. And then came that devil de villiers,” said Bhubi but couldn’t complete himself as he lost his consciousness at that moment.

Protest against this attack was launched all over the country. Peoples came out of their houses with candles and pictures of Bhubaneswar to show their support. Many expressed their anger on Facebook and twitter.

Disaster management groups were assigned just after the match for helping in recovery and calculating the collateral damage. Cricket South Africa has kept mum about this all along and has refused to comment.