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BCCI to host T20 cricket at the North Pole, expects Indian fans will fill the stadium

29, Aug 2016 By Snehal Deb

Florida: After the tremendous success of Ind vs WI T20 series in USA, BCCI has decided to expand cricket all over the world hoping that the omnipresent Indians fans will fill the stadiums.

Indian fans
Ubiquitous Indian cricket fans

In line with that, the first match to be played will be at -96 degree Celsius at Himadri research station administered by India. The site has been selected and being developed as a cricket stadium made of ice blocks, snow and rocks. BCCI is confident of full bookings from the Indians working or present there as IT graduate engineers, data analysts, BPO employees, Gujarati tourists, and BCCI support staff.

It will be the first sporting event in the Arctic and BCCI has requested UN, NATO and Ocean agencies to give them permissions for the same. ISRO has been asked to develop special planes that can take the teams, staffs, cheerleaders and technicians there. Talks are on with both Sri Lankan and West Indian cricket boards to decide the opposition.

Textile engineer Mr N Srinivasan has designed special heater clothes for the cheerleaders which will cover only 30% of the body and yet give the necessary warmth for survival because cheer-leading is very important to attract Indians as per BCCI sources.

MS Dhoni has posted a picture of his army training camp at Siachen on twitter claiming that he is fit and fine to play in North Pole too and has also argued that the hard icy pitches will help him hit the helicopter shot more often. PM Modi has lauded BCCI chief Mr Nakamyab Neta for his initiative by tweeting “India first…To play cricket in North Pole”, Pakistani media is debating the consequences of such a statement.

BCCI is yet to decide on a coach for this tour, as icy pitches will need slippery personality as a coach like Ajay Jadeja or Md Azharuddin who is still mourning the flop of his biopic. Sources say that Sidhu might be the dark horse in the race for coach as he is already out of politics after AAP supremo pretty much rejected Sidhu’s claim to CM post in Punjab.

Indian fans in north pole are very enthusiastic about this match and are already booking the tickets via black market. They have already selected their seating area and kept a kerchief there to mark it, even before stadium has come up. Overall, it will be a blast and Indian cricket team hopes to keep its ranking intact and make history by playing where nowhere have ever been to.