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BCCI to show repeat of IPL matches on mini screens during World Cup

01, Mar 2011 By Simon

Mumbai. Several World Cup venues in India will have mini-TV screens installed in the stands so that spectators can watch replays of 20-20 games during the “dead middle” overs, BCCI announced today. Board says that the step has been taken to boost attendance of “cricket lovers” during the matches, especially those that don’t involve India. The step would also help set up the mood for IPL, but BCCI denied that being the motive.

“Fifty over games are just so long,” BCCI spokesman Rajiv Shukla explained, “so spectators lose interest, especially if Sachin isn’t playing or some other players they’ve seen in TV ads.”

IPL, SRK, Preity Zinta, Lalit Modi, Shilpa Shetty
BCCI believes that Indian cricket lovers are surely missing at least one of them, even as the board is surely not missing at least one of them.

“Cricket lovers are also missing the fireworks, dancing girls and MRF blimps of the IPL, so we decided to act before it was too late,” Mr. Shukla said and informed that the decision was taken in an emergency meeting called by the board late last night in a farm house of Sharad Pawar.

“This is a great idea, I fully agree,” said Prem, 24, a self-confessed cricket fanatic, “I love cricket with all my heart and soul so it would be great to see two games at the same time, plus with a screen I’d even get to see those cool Dhoni Pepsi ads too.”

Faking News asked if the idea could work in Test cricket too but Prem said he was not sure about the rules of Test cricket. “I don’t watch them,” he said.

The first people to benefit from the new screens will be 5,000 fans at the Canada vs Kenya game at Delhi’s Firoz Shah Kotla ground next week. To fill the stadium, the spectators will also be brought in from some villages in the western Uttar Pradesh under NREGA.

“We don’t want criticism that Indians don’t truly love their cricket,” Rajiv Shukla justified the payment to “spectators” under NREGA, “From now on, every match in World Cup will see a packed house.”

BCCI officials are understood to be trying to buy 50,000 black market tickets due to the failure of the online facility.

“First we thought they wanted us to dig the pitch,” said Ram, 46, who earns Rs.100 per day as a farm laborer under NREGA and has been given a T-shirt with Canadian gold maple leaf drawn on it, “Now all we have to do is to shout and wave some flags, I hope they could give us such kinds of work every day; Right now we only get it at election times.”

Meanwhile S Sreesanth has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor (started by our correspondent) that he will be providing “musical interludes” for the new screens between overs.